Hey there! I’m Megan Lozinki, 29 years old, an adventure blogger from Alta, Utah. I write all the articles in my blog called NotAnotherGuide.com. I created it a few years ago for the sole purpose of sharing my travel experiences all over the world, sort of my online diary.

My fascination about world travel started when I visited my parent’s hometown in Warsaw, Poland for the very first time. They have wonderful and lovely people there and I fell in love with the place. That experience made me realize that there are still a lot of places to go all around the world. And I realize that the awesome thing to do about my experiences is to share them through a blog. It defined me.

Then suddenly the blog became a financial source for me. People called me and they wanted to post ads to my website, invite me to visit their place for free, review some travel equipment and get paid. And I’m totally fine about it. After a while, I produced my very first travel e-book containing all of my travel experiences and tips. And I’m so proud of myself that I already sold 2,406 copies. It’s also amazing to hear people give feedback saying that it’s a must-have ebook especially for those who have the passion to travel the world, get lost and explore never reached places.

When I’m not travelling, I spend most of my time as a ski instructor of a mountain resort in Alta, Utah. This is where I express the adventurous side of me. I also love cycling, mountain climbing, running and hiking.  When I travel, I find ways to do these passions in any place that I’m in.

I live by the motto “Adventure is for everyone” because I believe that you don’t have to be a super athlete, adrenaline junkie, or a part of the ultra rich to be an adventurer. All you need is the desire to achieve something more. And I continue to write to show you that it is possible to discover something new about yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone, and to show up in places you have never been before and have life changing moments.

Follow me on my social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter, and get in touch with me. I’d be happy to hear from you.