When you’ve been around the world, you kind of get to know what items are classed as essentials and what are utter luxuries.

When I first started travelling I would take two huge backpacks (one for the front, one for the back) and I would break my back lugging it around with me. Not only that but by week two I had left the majority of things in hostels because I just thought, ‘I’m not going to use this’ and honestly, I never missed it.

As I went on more and more adventures, my bags got lighter and I realised that I didn’t need my home comforts, I didn’t need my entire wardrobe and I did not need 5 pairs of shoes.

I’ve created a list of my travelling essentials kit which all fits neatly into a backpack with spare room for novelty t-shirts and a souvenir or two.

Do you have any travelling essentials? Let me know by getting in touch.

Copies of Important Documents

You probably won’t use this but it is essential for any ‘just in case’ scenarios. Keep a waterproof wallet with copies of your passport, hotels, flights, itinerary, visa etc as well as having the originals and digital copies. (Don’t keep the originals and copies in the same place though)

Plug Converters

Essential and you’ll often need more than one. Take a couple just in case, they’re relatively small and will come in really handy.


At first, I took enough underwear to last me the entire trip but then I stopped and thought – washing is a thing!

I now only take 7 pairs of undies, 7 pairs of socks and that’s it.


Ok – not appropriate if you know you’re going to be in glorious 30-degree heat but always check the night-time weather as some countries experience a dip in temperature at night which can be tricky.


Take one, two or three at a push – no more.


if you’re heading somewhere hot you may want to take a few more as they’ll need washing more regularly with the heat but as standard, I take 6-8 t-shirts then a shirt, a few vests for the beach and maybe something warmer.


For those cold plane journeys or cool nights.


Who could forget this? (I did once and I’ve never forgiven myself) also make sure you have plenty of memory, a backup and charger with you.

First Aid Kit

It’s always better to be safe than sorry so get the essentials and you can rest assured you’ll have something if an accident ever occurs.


From hostel lockers to train carriages, secure your stuff and you’ll sleep a lot easier, trust me.

Zip Lock Bags

Perfect for when you need to wade across a river or take a spontaneous dip. These waterproof bags come in all sizes from your phone to a large rucksack you know your stuff will be safe.

Essential Toiletries

Toothbrush & paste, sun protector, deodorant, moisturiser you know the essentials but remember if you’re struggling with space or weight you can always pick this stuff up.

So there you have just a few of my essentials for travelling, what are yours? Let us know by reaching us on the contact us page.