Tips for Finding Your Perfect Hot Tub Holiday Accommodation

With the emergence of so many hot tub holiday accommodations, it can be tricky to decide which sort to go for. Cottages, cabins, lodges, treehouses… the list is endless when you begin your search for a hot tub holiday UK.
Here’s a breakdown of the different types of property that are on offer when you’re looking for a hot tub holiday in the UK

Log Cabins

Log cabins help to create the atmosphere of another world. Nestled away in the heart of a forest, with traditional furnishings and fittings that give the impression of a cosy, private idyllic escape.
The addition of a hot tub in a log cabin can be great for adding an extra little spark to a getaway. What’s great about log cabins is they’re not associated with any demographic for a holiday. They’re good for romantic weekends, young families, friends. They’re so versatile and diverse.


Cottages with hot tubs are another great option for families and big groups. They offer the option of spending your holiday in a home away from home, and often have a homely vibe to make it seem like it is actually your house.
Add in a hot tub and you’ve got a great weekend (or longer) for everyone. Everyone gets their own room, everyone can have a go in the hot tub and everyone feels safe and welcomed in the cottage.


This one is slightly more unusual and niche. Treehouse and treetop accommodation is one of those options that will be a once in a lifetime holiday or trip.
Set amongst the leaves, this accommodation is often high standard and high class because it is so unconventional. It is a truly spectacular experience and everyone will love waking up amongst the branches, surrounded by wildlife.


Hotels are a slightly harder accommodation option to find where you have your own private hot tub in the room. What you may get here, is a jacuzzi style bath. Sometimes they’ll be big enough for more than one person, but more often than not it is design for bathing.
If you’re determined to go to a hotel and enjoy a hot tub break, look for a hotel that has spa facilities with a hot tub on site.

If you want to know how to find cottages with hot tubs, assess where it is you want to travel to first. Do you want to go far? What area do you want to visit? A hot tub may be an essential for your holiday, but it won’t be the entire focus point of your trip. Look into what other activities are on offer in the area and plan your holiday around what there is to see and do in nearby towns.
Wherever it is you end up going, be sure to compare the cost of the accommodation and shop around to get the best deal for your money. Cheap hot tub breaks are out there, you just have to scout around to find them.

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