The Best Nightlife in ATL

When the sun sets, like many other cities, Atlanta becomes livelier. It signals the start of an exciting nightlife scene. Whether you like bars with live music or clubs with pumping sounds, there is a lot to experience, including those that we will briefly mention in the rest of this guide.

Regent Cocktail Club 

If you fancy having a drink in a cocktail lounge, there is perhaps no other place to visit that is better than Regent Cocktail Club. This is an art-deco themed bar with live music. They offer craft cocktails that are prepared by no less than the best mixologists in the city. The drinks are made using only the freshest ingredients and premium liquors. They also have a fully-stocked bar for your choice of spirits. From Negroni to Manhattan, they have an extensive list of cocktails to satisfy every guest.

Sister Lousia’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium 

This place has redefined the concept of going to church. This two-story establishment is recognized as one of the best dive bars in Atlanta, making it a must-visit if you want to experience the nightlife that the city has to offer. Traditional religious art adorns the place, including paintings and vintage church signs. At some point, you might even find the place creepy. When you visit, do not leave without trying their signature drink, the spiritual sangria.

The Clermont Lounge 

Operating since 1965, The Clermont Lounge is recognized as the oldest strip club in Atlanta, making it a must-visit for adults who are looking for something fun to do at night. The novelty that the place offers makes it on the list of places that are frequently visited by tourists in Atlanta. They are popular not only because of their strippers but also because their drinks have affordable prices. Here, you will meet Blondie, who has been in the strip club for more than three decades. She is known for one thing – crushing beer cans with the use of her boobs!

Tongue and Groove 

This is another place that can already be considered as an institution in Atlanta nightlife. Located in Buckhead, the place occupies a total of 8,600 square feet, making it a massive place to dance the night away and let loose. Whether you are on our own or with your friends, it promises a fun-filled night! There are two separate rooms with different music, so there is something for everyone.

Opera Nightclub 

If nightclubs are your thing, this is another place that you should try to sample the nightlife in Atlanta. Its central feature is the 100-foot dome ceiling. This nightclub is unique since it has an outdoor pool. If you love to drink and dance, be sure to pay this place a visit. Be on the RSVP list beforehand to avoid the long line!

Atlanta, for sure, does not disappoint when it comes to a vibrant nightlife. If you plan to visit, consider doing the things mentioned above for an epic trip.

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