Afford to Travel in 2017

Every traveler in the world shares one common trait: the desire to travel. Similarly enough, all of us also share one common obstacle in reaching our goals and destinations: cash.

Whether you’re a once-a-year vacationer, a frequent globetrotter, a thrill-seeking backpacker, or a budget explorer, funding your travels is hard. Still, with the New Year just around the corner, you can afford to travel in 2017, especially with all the exciting traveling opportunities that will turn your desires into reality.

Make Travel Priority #1

There is a common misconception that in order to travel, you will need great wads of cash to do so. While money is still required, getting off your couch and making travel your #1 priority is far more important. Ask any globetrotting wanderluster or travel blogger and they will tell you that they would travel far less if they spent their hours thinking about money. Rather, they spend time and money on actual traveling.

Travel Isn’t Expensive, Period

What does it mean to travel for you?  If it’s seeing new places, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people, then travel isn’t all that pricey. Traveling is as expensive as you want it to be. Instead of booking a flight on a specific date, book a flight when it’s at its lowest price, and arrange everything around that date. There are more cheap flights, last-minute deals and budget airlines than ever before, so use them.

Do the Leg Work

Traveling on a budget requires being smart, and the best way to be smart is to do some research. Doing the leg work allows you to find the best airline and hotel offers, and explore alternative options you might not even heard of. A company called TravelPay, for example, allows you to pay for the best deals in fixed monthly instalments. Not to mention Airbnb? Couchsurfing? All you need to do to find the best offer for your next travel is to Google it.

Work & Travel

You can travel much more if you don’t work from 9 to 5, so maybe you should consider looking to alternatives. With freelancer economy on the rise, at places like Upwork and Toptal, gigs are abundant, allowing you to work from anywhere in the world. If that’s too much fuss, consider working abroad. From teaching English to picking fruit, you have some set of skills that would allow you to finance your life in another country. Ultimately, you can quit your job and live the dream by working on a cruise or becoming a flight attendant.

Cut Your Spending

Saving money for travel isn’t about waiting for large amounts to add up, it’s more about seriously curbing your spending. Make it your business to avoid spending in “danger zones” like malls, and fancy restaurants. Instead, shop online, prepare homemade food, and spend your time with friends or at free local events. In addition, you should also consider getting a smaller place, and cutting your rent fees by half. After all, you’ll be spending more time enjoying your travels than sitting at home.

Get traveling this year! Don’t worry about money so much, because with the right attitude and strong will to travel, you can achieve your goals. Be inspired by these awesome tricks, and make 2017 a year to remember.

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