8 Reasons Why Moving to Sydney is a Good Idea

Year after year, the popularity of this amazing city continues to grow more and more – especially after 2016 when it was ranked as number 10 of most liveable cities in the world. Each day there are, believe it or not, around 600 000 new visitors who come to see and explore Sydney.

However, if this city’s reputation still isn’t enough to lure you – here are just eight out of million reasons to start a new life here.

1. Sydney coast

As you probably already know, Sydney is a home of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And not only the beaches are beautiful, but there are also hundreds of them just waiting for you to explore and enjoy them. The Sydney coast has it all: white sand, cliffs, frangipani flowers, rock pools and hiking tracks; surfing, kiting, snorkeling kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding options. The ultimate summer fun right there.

2. The lifestyle

In Sydney, there is no such thing as dull Monday morning. Wherever you look there is action –there are surfers in the water (even before sunrise), there are people practicing yoga on the beach, sidewalks are full of people jogging, ladies in pencil skirts and white shirts are running across the street with a smile on their face and freshly pressed juice etc. Somehow, most of the Sydney people are embracing healthy lifestyle – it is literally everywhere and it will “brainwash” you sooner or later.

3. The nature adventure

In Sydney, you are just a couple of hours away from countless breathtaking nature sceneries. It is just unbelievable what can be found within such close reach of a huge city. For example, The Blue Mountains are just 50 kilometers away and the breathtaking 100 kilometers long Royal National Park is just 30km away.

4. Boozing

You are probably well aware of Sydney’s fabulous nightlife with all the underground bars and rooftop clubs where you can dance your legs away and drink your bad day away, but due to overwhelming daytime heats, now, there are also possibilities to get boozy during daytime as well. Boat parties and ice cold vodka lime soda are waiting for you to experience them. And don’t even get me started on all the theme parties, festivals and house parties as well. Time of the day is, as you can see – optional.

5. The money

Even though Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world, it still is the best one to move and work there. Australia is perfectly stable when it comes to economical aspect and finding a job is quite easy here. Also, the possibilities of expanding your skills are endless. This goes for both citizens and immigrants – if you don’t believe it, find an immigration lawyer in Sydneywho is going to explain this all to you and guide you through the entire process.

6. The weather

The Sydney weather gives you the best of both worlds – it is always pleasant and moderate, but there are also four seasons that give way to each other pretty lazily. If you move here, you will adapt and get used to looooooong summers, sunny days and mild winters in no time. After all, Sydney does have approximately 2600 hours of bright sunshine a year – just saying.

7. Aussies

The best way to describe Australian attitude is with their favorite sentence: “no worries”. Here you’ll constantly be surrounded with good vibes, happy feelings and positive and excited people who can’t wait to get up in the morning every day. Besides Australians, Sydney is filled with travelers and foreigners – which will again give you countless new experiences and acquaintanceships and a chance to learn about other cultures.

8. Food and coffee

Eating out is a global fest in Sydney – you can basically eat foods from any part of the world: from Chinese over European all the way to Vietnamese and American. Also, Sydney is a home of some of the best Australian cafes and coffees – there are literally hundreds of them in just one region.

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