5 Things I Always Take on My Travels

I love travelling, whether at home or abroad, and it has allowed me to visit some truly beautiful, fascinating and exciting places. I like to go to places I have not been to, those where I can learn more about the world I live in, and whenever I have the time, it recharges my batteries to get away from it all. OK, so it’s a cliché, but it’s one that holds a lot of truth for many of us! So, what are the essentials that I always pack when travelling? Let me show you the 5 things I always pack, without fail!

My Backpack – you might think this one obvious, but it really pays to have a good, usable and light backpack, and one with enough compartments to handle everything you need to take with you. There are many backpacks to choose from, and I found my travel backpack through a great review at bestreviewer.co.uk, an excellent site with details of all the specifications you need to know, plus an idea of what you should expect to pay. They also have reviews of other items that may be of interest for travelling, so check them out.

Music – music is essential while travelling, so I always have my MP3 player with me. Furthermore, I recommend you check out the latest range of portable wireless speakers, as they can enhance your music experience at very little cost, and are surprisingly affordable. Bestreviewer.co.uk has a review of those, too, so you could check that out while looking for your backpack!

Mobile Phone – always carry a mobile phone when travelling, no matter whether you are at home or abroad, or it is a day trip or a longer one. It’s a must for safety, for use in an emergency, and make sure you keep it charged and only use it when necessary.

Travel Guide – this is a surprisingly overlooked item, but it is certainly one that is very important if you are to enjoy your travelling to the full. Most major places will have a comprehensive guide available, and you can find information on even the smallest and most remote places online, so you can even create your own! It’s the best way of ensuring you get the most out of your visit.

A Good Book – am I serious? I am, and here’s why: when you are travelling – especially abroad – there will be periods where you do nothing but wait – perhaps at the train station, or simply in the evenings at a hotel – and a good book gives you something to relax and while away the time with. In fact, get into the 21st century, and get a Kindle!

That’s my five essential travel items, and I’m sure you can add several more. My main tip is this: if you are backpacking, travel light, and keep an eye on what goes on around you, as that is the best way to stay safe. More than anything, enjoy exploring this wonderful world we live in!

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