3 Tips for Avoiding the Coastal Crowd in New Hampshire

When summer’s heat drives your thoughts to the cool, crisp waters of the Atlantic, you want a beach that isn’t flooded with tourists. New England welcomes its share of peak summer travelers every year. But don’t worry; New Hampshire has a few overlooked seacoast towns with loads of fun things for solitary vacationers and locals to do. To help you discover some of the exciting adventures this region has to offer, we’ve picked out three tips for avoiding the coastal crowd, so you can enjoy an unforgettable summer in New Hampshire.

Venture Off the Beaten Path

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Why not walk the entire New Hampshire coastline? It might sound like a very daunting adventure, but New Hampshire’s tiny beachfront is the shortest of any state — just 18 miles end to end. It’s a bit of a challenge, but it’s also a lively beach tour adventure just waiting to happen. Considering staying at a hotel in Hampton Beach, a little more than half of the journey if your path takes you south. Don’t forget to hit every swimming spot along the way!

Secret Swimming Spots

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If you’re longing for some time alone with the Atlantic, there are some quieter alternative to the state’s favorite spots.

Jenness Beach

If you’re willing to head to the beach after dark, hit the shores at Jenness Beach in Rye. Sure, it’s one of New Hampshire’s most popular spots, but once the sun goes down, most beach bums head home. Watch the sunset and stroll along the beach, minus the daytime crowds.

Seabrook Beach

Found on the southern end of New Hampshire in Seabrook, near the Massachusetts state line, this beach is well known. But it’s hard to get to and offers limited parking, so it’s usually much more laid-back than red-hot Hampton Beach.  If you’re willing to park and walk, you just might get most of the beach to yourself.

Rye on the Rocks

New Hampshire is home to many big waves, but most surfers agree that Rye on the Rocks has the most notable breaks. With waves crashing on the exposed rock, it invokes an adventurous summer experience for beginners. When the hurricane season hits the shores in the fall, the surfing off of Rye Beach is world-class, so hang loose and rip those waves.

Take in the Views

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Great Island Common is a local hidden gem in New Castle. The grassy, 32-acre park features an oceanside rocky outcrop with a view of the Portsmouth Harbour Lighthouse. Right on the island is a sculpture of a man painting a canvas. When you look just right, it seems like he’s painting the lighthouse! Sit on the grassy knoll and take in the magnificent views of the Atlantic and its many natural resources such as birds and sea creatures.

Are you tired of the same old trips around New England? When the population in these charming resort towns swells beyond your comfort zone, use these tips to help avoid the coastal crowd and take advantage of some fun new experiences for the whole family.

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